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Date: February 2-4, 1998

Location: Kauai, Hawaii


SBS-IF Kauai Conference and Interoperability Workshop

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Keynote Address

"Notebook OEM expectations for the SBS technology" by Sadao Fukatsu, Fujitsu Personal Systems (218 KB)

General Addresses

"Smart Battery System Overview" by Francis Truntzer, Intel Corporation (51 KB)

"SBS-IF, Organization, Procedures, Legal Aspects" by Francis Truntzer, Intel Corporation (57 KB)

"Forecasting the Explosion of the Smart Battery Market" by Jeffrey Sheppard, Darnell Group (36 KB)

"The Role of SBS and SMBus in the Future of PC Mobile Platforms" by Matt Fruin and Francis Truntzer, Intel Corporation (34 KB)

Track 1

Session A

"System Safety & Reliability Issues in SBS Implementations" by David Heacock, Benchmarq Microelectronics (126 KB)

Session B

"SMBus in Action" by John Milios, USAR Systems (152 KB)

Session C

"Smart Battery Implementations" by Robert Dunstan, Intel Corporation (76 KB)

"Importance of Full SBData Implementation" by Dan Friel, PowerSmart (31 KB)

"Safety and Reliability of Lithium-ion Smart Battery Packs" by Paul Craig, Moli Energy (215 KB)

"The Li-Ion Smart Battery Challenges" by Marty Brown, Motorola SPS (92 KB)

Session D

"Smart Charger Implementation Examples & Architectures" by Dale Stolitzka, National Semiconductors (65 KB)

"Smart Charger & Smart Selector Implementation & Safety Issues" by Dave Freeman, Benchmarq Microelectronics (268 KB)

"Smart Charger & Selector Safety" by James Huang, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (38 KB)

Track 2

"Standardization in Handhelds: Benefits for Users, OEMs, Battery & IC Suppliers" by Michael Mattera, PowerSmart (18 KB)

"Handheld Data-set Specification Proposal" by Dale Stolitzka, National Semiconductor (57 KB)

"Issues in the Battery-Host Physical Layer-Proposals and Issues to consider" by Dan Friel, PowerSmart

Track 3

"ACPI Smart Battery System Overview" by Matt Fruin, Intel Corporation (77 KB)

"EC/PIIX-4 Architecture in ACPI Systems" by Phil Mummah, Intel Corporation (36 KB)

"Embedded Controller in an SBS Enabled System. APM and ACPI" by Aleksandr Frid, Phoenix Technologies (77 KB)

"Designing an ACPI/SBS Laptop" by Derek Sip, Hitachi PC Corporation (47 KB)

"ACPI in Win 98 and NT 5.0" by Phil Mummah, Intel Corporation (81 KB)

"Power Management Policy and Implementations" by Phil Mummah, Intel Corporation (28 KB)

"ACPI Hardware & Software Compatibility Tools" by Phil Mummah, Intel Corporation


"Smart Battery Validation OEM Story..." by Chang Hum Lee, Samsung Electronics (117 KB)

"Smart Battery Compliance Testing" by Robert Dunstan, Intel Corporation (139 KB)

Speaker Bios

Presenters (7 KB)

Working Group Presentations

Working group presentations will be published in the Working Group Web Sites (members only area)

To download a zip file containing all of the available proceedings click here (2117 KB)




Schedule at at Glance:
Sunday, February 1
12:30PM-5:30PM ? Golf Tournament. Sponsor: USAR Systems.
7:00PM-9:00PM ? Cocktail Reception.   Hosted by USAR.
Welcome note, John Milios, President, USAR
Monday, February 2
8:00AM-9:00AM ? Breakfast & Conference Registration
9:00AM-9:30AM ? Keynote Address
"Notebook OEM Expectations for SBS Technology", Sadao Fukatsu, Director, Systems Architecture, PC Technology & Support Center of Fujitsu
, Fujitsu Personal Systems
9:30AM-10:00 AM - General Address
"Overview of the SB System", Francis Truntzer, Intel
10:00AM-10:15AM ? Conference Logistics
Track One
Basic SBS Methodology

Details basic SBS concepts from battery to charge system and selector. Provides basic implementation architecture examples showing host and SMBus interface.
Track Two
Smart Battery in Hand-Helds

Overviews new protocols and physical layers for Smart Batteries in cellular and handheld appliances
10:15 AM-10:45AM ? Track One,
Section A
Moderator: William Smith, Maxim
10:15AM-10:45AM ? Track Two,
Section A
Moderator: Ellen Gooch, USAR
10:45AM-11:00AM ? Break
11:00AM-12:00PM ? Track One,
Section B
SBS Seminar
11:00AM-12:00PM ? Track Two,
Section B
Hand-Held Seminar
12:00PM-1:30PM ? Lunch and Presentation
"Legal Frame and Benefits of Joining the SBS-IF", Francis Truntzer, Intel
Sponsor: Intel
Track One
Track Three

Details interaction between SMBus and ACPI in the upcoming Windows release. Overviews driver issues, data requirements and control issue for battery information and charger control.
1:30PM-3:00PM ? Track One,
Section C, SBS Battery
Moderator: Eric Sledge, Energizer

Q&A Session

1:30PM-3:00PM ? Track Three,
Section A, ACPI & SMBus
Moderator: Rusty Schafer, Intel

Q&A Session

3:00PM-3:15PM ? Break
3:15PM-5:00PM ? Track One,
Section C1, SBS Battery
Moderator: Aakar Patel, PolyStor

Q&A Session

3:15PM-5:00PM ? Track Three,
Section B, Power Management
Moderator: Tracy Muniz, Phoenix

Q&A Session

5:00PM-6:00PM ? Product Showcase & Company Announcements
Tuesday, February 3
7:30AM-8:30AM ? Continental Breakfast
8:30AM-9:00AM ? General Address
"The Role of SBS and SMBus in the future of PC Mobile Platforms",
Matt Fruin, Intel
Track One
Track Three

9:00AM-10:00AM ? Track One,
Section D, SBS Charger & Selector
Moderator: Jack Shyr, O2 Micro
9:00AM-10:00AM ? Track Three,
Section C, ACPI & The Laptop
Moderator: Francis Truntzer, Intel
10:00AM-10:15AM ? Break
10:15AM-11:00AM ? Track One, Section D continued

Q&A Session

10:15AM-11:00AM ? Track Three, Section C continued

Seminar: ACPI Hardware & Software Tools, Phil Mummah, Intel
ACPI Hardware Compatibility Tools

Q&A Session

11:00AM-11:30AM ? "Rules for Interoperability Testing", Bob Dunstan, Intel
11:30AM-1:00PM ? Beach Lunch
Sponsor: National Semiconductor
Working Group Meetings

Open to all Conference attendees.
1:00PM-2:30PM ? Compatibility / Testing Working Group General Session
  • Methods for Smart Battery Data Testing (Results from SB Testing at Samsung)
  • System Testing Methods
2:30PM-2:45PM ? Break
2:45PM-4:15PM ? ACPI Compatibility Workshop 2:45PM-4:15PM ? Handheld Battery   Working Group
4:15PM-6:00PM ? SMBus Working Group, Thermal Sensor Working Group, Flat Panel Digital Controls WG 4:15PM-6:00PM ? Chargers Working Group
6:00PM-8:00PM ? Q&A on SMBus Implementations: "Hors dfoeuvres with the Experts"
Sponsor: Motorola
Wednesday, February 4
7:30AM-8:30AM ? Continental Breakfast
General Sessions

8:30AM-9:00AM ? "Forcasting the Explosion of the Smart Battery Market", Jeff Shepard, Publisher, Darnell Group

9:00AM-9:30AM ? Demonstration of Windows 98 and Win NT 5.0 with SBS Support

9:30AM-10:00AM - Directions for the Next Major Release of the SBS Specifications, Francis Truntzer, Intel

10:00AM-10:15AM ? Break
10:15PM-11:00AM ? Workgroup updates and Industry Comments
11:00AM ? Lunch-box buffet.   Interoperability continues during lunch hour
11:00AM-8:00PM ? Interoperability Testing


* This is a working group session. These session will be open to non SBS IF members for this Conference only.

Rules: All Interoperability Workshop participants will be asked to sign an Interoperability Workshop Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement -- NDA) to ensure non-disclosure of individual product information in an open environment. If your company has already completed an NDA for a prior PlugFest, you do not need to complete another one. Conference-only participants do not need to fill out this form.

Attendance at working group sessions is open to all conference participants. However, we do encourage all companies represented at the Interoperability Worksop to join this Forum.

Event Management:

Event Chair: John Milios, USAR Systems

Track Abstracts


Basic SBS Methodology

"Overview of the SB System", Francis Truntzer, Intel

Details basic SBS concepts from battery to charge system and selector. Provides basic implementation architecture examples showing host and SMBus interface. Explains the importance of adhering to the specifications and the impact of deviations on the whole system.

"System Safety & Reliability Issues in SBS Implementations", Dave Heacock, Benchmarq

Illustrates the SBS from the system safety point of view. Highlights areas that are critical for the system integrity and safety. Shows redundancy in safety related failures. Points to common pitfalls in poor or non-compatible implementations


"SMBus as the SBS and System Control Bus", John Milios, USAR Systems

Presents the role of SMBus as the SBS and system control bus. Systems with Multiple SMBus branches. Other types of devices that can reside on SMBus. Process of assigning SMBus addresses.  Highlights the most important parameters of the SMBus specification. Shows the effect of each parameter on system reliability and performance. Presents the compatibility checklist.

"Tools & Platforms for SBS Component Testing"

Presents the software and hardware tools available for SBS component testing. Outlines what is tested and what is not, as well as the methods used for testing. Lists different platforms that can be used for testing SBS components (Trajan, ISA boards, Adapters, etc.).

SECTION C: Smart Battery

"Smart Battery Implementations", Bob Dunstan, Intel

Whatfs inside a Smart Battery. Common and chemistry dependent architectural elements. Methods to meet the SB specifications. Design choices that affect performance and reliability.

"The Importance of the SB Data Set Full Implementation", Dan Friel, Duracell

Goes through the SBDS specifications and highlights the importance of complying with each part of the specification. Discussion on implementation issues and the effect on the cost of the system.

"The LiIon Smart Battery Challenges", Marty Brown, Motorola

Presents the unique challenges that have to be met when designing a LiIon Smart Battery pack. Addresses safety and performance issues. Advantages and disadvantages of cell balancing.

"Safety & Reliability Issues in SB Packs", Paul Craig, MOLI

ESD, full discharge data protection, firmware and hardware failures, hardware redundancy, testing. Calibration and other production issues.


"Smart Charger & Selector Implementation & Safety Issues", Dave Freeman, Benchmarq

Building blocks of SS and SC system. Level 2 & 3 differences. Parallel charge and discharge. How smart and how dumb the SC and SS can be.

"Smart Chargers & Selectors Safety", James Huang, Mitsubishi

Safety from the chargerfs point of view. Selector control for charging. Internal charger status.

SECTION D: SBS Architectures

"Charger-Selector Implementations", Dale Stolitzka, NSC

Charger as part of the SMC. Stand-alone SBC and SBC/Selector. SBC using a uC possibly integrating the selector function. Unsafe alternatives?why did we eliminate the Level 0 charger Internal charge controllers?what does the bit mean, when should it be used?


Smart Battery for Handhelds

"Handheld Requirements from the Battery Subsystem", Tony Fadell, Philips Mobile Computing Group

This paper represents an OEMfs perspective for requirements of a Battery-Host data standard for handheld appliances, handheld computers and wireless devices.

"Standardization in Handhelds: Benefits for Users, OEMs, Battery & IC suppliers" Mike Mattera, PowerSmart

There are many product and cost benefits that accrue from data standards. Do they apply in the case of handheld devices? The paper delves into these questions and highlights how the standardization process might proceed from this point forward.

"Proposal for a Battery Data Set Specification and Recent Alternatives," Dale Stolitzka, National Semiconductor Corp.

The version 0.6 Handheld Battery Data Set Specification is presented here. Also, recent protocol announcements and options will be considered, such as, BODIP and other alternatives

"Issues in the Battery-Host Physical Layer?Proposals and Issues to Consider," Dan Friel, Powersmart, Inc.

The physical layer in a handheld device is a major cost-driver. If the physical layer is chosen with due diligence, any standardization process becomes easier. This paper reviews current bus alternatives under consideration by this working group.

"Forum Discussion of the Handheld Working Group and Referendum," Moderated by Dale Stolitzka, National Semiconductor

This forum presents the SBS timeline for a Handheld Data Standard adoption. The forum consists of discussing the working group ground rules and ends with a non-binding referendum vote of the alternatives discussed earlier in the session.



"An ACPI Smart Battery System Overview", Matt Fruin, Intel

Presents an overview of the ACPI specifications related to the Smart Battery System. Identifies H/W necessary to comply, as well as h/w that can be emulated. Presents the basic differences between a CM and a Smart Battery and highlights the advantages of the latter.

"Chip-set & Embedded Controller Architectures in ACPI Systems", Phil Mummah, Intel

This paper will present the required features in ACPI compliant chip-sets, and common characteristics of ACPI compliant Embedded Controllers.

"The role of the ACPI EC in an SBS Enabled System", Aleksandr Frid, Phoenix Technologies

Relevant specifications and implementation alternatives for the EC. Benefits, drawbacks and limitations for each implementation. Emphasis will be placed on the interface with BIOS and OS both in a dual APM/ACPI and a pure ACPI environment.

"Designing an ACPI/SBS Laptop", Derick Sip, Director, Principal Architect, Hitachi

The process of integrating the SBS technology into a laptop product, the problems they faced, how they solved them, the driver issues, performance, and what they further expect from this technology. Focus will be on power management/OS related issues.

"ACPI in Win 98 and Win NT 5.0", Phil Mummah, Intel

Microsoftfs plan on SBS support in future releases of their operating systems. Interim support plans. What OEMs and SBS component manufacturers need to know.

"Power Management Policies & Implementation Details", Phil Mummah, Intel

A detailed look and hands-on approach on power management policies, alarm settings, determination of remaining time, and the battery user interface. Whofs doing what and how to accomplish it.

"ACPI Hardware Compatibility Tools", Phil Mummah, Intel

Tools for determining compatibility.


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