SBS IF Winter Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance:

Monday, January 29, 2001
Morning Sessions

Introduction to the SBS-IF Working Group
Dave Heacock, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Review the SBS Implementers Forum, organizational structure and working groups. Overview specific working group charters.

Battery Accuracy Guidelines Review
Dale Stolitzka, Analog Devices, Inc.

The session reviewed the Battery Data working group and the development of the Battery Data Accuracy Testing Guidelines.

Driver/Software Working Group Review
Clyde Adams, Semtech Corporation

The session reviewed the SBS and SMBus system driver working groups and discusses current issues.

Architecture Working Group Review
Brian Fritz, Maxim Corporation

Newest working group addition to the SBS organization. This session reviewed the last meeting's discussion and presents some diretions for future consideration.

Afternoon Sessions

Simpler is Better--Smart Battery Upgrade Proposal
New Smart Battery Architecture for Notebooks
New Battery Pack Selection Proposal

IBA Pack Identification Function
Michael Schneider, Compaq Computer Corporation

This presentation outlined the proposal to modify and enhance the current SBS system for future growth.

System Driver Overview
Clyde Adams, Semtech Corporation

Details of the SBS driver presented.

Battery Accuracy Guidelines Workshop
Dan Folkes, Powersmart, Inc.

What are the new Battery Data Testing Accuracy Guidelines, and what do they mean for the industry and pack manufacturers?

Providing SBS-IF Power Management Software Solutions
Jeff Rhodes, SoftTools, Technology, Inc.

Designing with SMBus 2.0
Dale Stolitzka, Analog Devices, Inc.

What is version 2.0, and how can manufacturers take advantage of the new SMBus capabilities?

Always Available Manageability--IPMI v1.5 and SMBus 2.0
Tom Slaight, Intel Corporation

Conference Adjourns