2nd Developer's Conference, Tokyo, Japan


SBS IF DevCon Japan Overview, Takashi Furumura, Misubishi Electric 3/18/99
Situation of Fuel Gauge Solution, Shohei Ishiwata and Hideo Takeshite, Nomura Research Institute, Inc. 3/18/99
Smart Battery System Manager, Robert Dunstan, Intel Corp. 3/18/99
SBS IF Activity Update and Current Organization, Francis Truntzer, Intel Corp. 3/18/99
Keynote: Smart Battery Safety Guideline, Tadashi Okutoh, NEC Moli Energy 3/18/99
Battery Pack Safety, Paul Craig, NEC Moli Energy 3/18/99
Smart Battery and Microsoft OS, Phil Mummah, Intel Corp. 3/18/99
Keynote: SBS IF--State of the Industry and Future Course, Francis Truntzer, Intel Corp. 3/19/99
CRC-8 Firmware Implementations for SMBus, John Milios, USAR Systems 3/19/99
Developer's Conference Review & Close, Takashi Furumura, Mitsubishi Electric and Francis Truntzer, Intel Corp. 3/19/99


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